Here are a few best practices we ask our fellow Beetles to follow:

1. Please make sure your Disqus Profile is set to "Private." Why?


Spambots and other trolls scour Disqus profiles and look for page links in non-private accounts.

I can post a new thread and within hours, Spambots are hitting us. Careful filtering seems to eliminate most spambot posts but when it doesn't work, the spam can be quite annoying.

So please follow these steps to make your account private:

- Hover over your Disqus Avatar and then select "Edit Profile"
- Select "Profile" in the upper left of the Disqus page
- Select the box at the bottom that says "Keep your profile activity private"


2. When you want to post a Twitter Embed, please consider a copy and paste of the information from the twitter thread unless it contains a video or picture you want people to see.

I ask this for two reasons.

- Copied text loads faster
- Twitter gets $$$ for every click they receive. We all know their history with infringing on free speech so keeping their page hits down is a good thing.

In other words, Screw Jack Dorsey!

This is NOT requested when linking to Gab or Parler.

3. If you don't have a ProtonMail account, what are you waiting for?

We have about 100 Beetles on Proton Mail. It's an ecrypted and secure email service located in Switzerland. And it's Free!

-Go to and signup.
-Use your normal Disqus ID as your email if possible. i.e. I'm
-Once you have your account, email me and I will add you to our RightStrategy email list. This will be used for any broadcast we need to do and also serves as an emergency contact list should something unforseen ever happen to the website.
-I'll then send you a vCard with all the beetle's names in it that you can import to your address book.

If you have questions about this, please just email me.