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A donation or support for this site is optional and never an expectation. If you would like to support the site and what I do here you can:

Send A Small Gift By Mail

I have looked into cash donations but it gets complicated. If anyone likes the site and wants to show appreciation then you can send an inexpensive gift to me or Sash.

If you would like to send a small gift the address is:

1852 Banking Street
Greensboro, NC  27408


Sash loves dog toys and treats...she is a full size retriever. She likes Milkbones, Buffalo Blue Health Bars, Nylabones, Kong toys, etc.

Any gift for her is greatly appreciated. Me, I like chocolate bars and inexpensive t-shirts or ball caps. Maybe one with some meaning from where you live would be great.

And a HUGE thanks to Uncouth Jim, ESR, D-Fusit, Homey Silver Beetle, Seesalrun, Dolce Far Niente, Momof1Soldiert, anti-PC and hollygolightly for their sponsorship here.

I manage this place on my own and the time and expenses are out of pocket. Me and lil (big) Sash appreciate the gifts and support!

Again, none of this is required or expected. I feel honored to run a site with such great folks.

Slash and Sash