Weekend Open Thread

Years ago I took a grad class that started with this icebreaker: pick your favorite month and find people who also chose that month. (Yeah, I know.) I don't remember which month I chose, but I DO remember the lone woman who chose November. When the prof asked her why, she said, "Because it's so quiet." Here's to a quiet last weekend of November, friends!--Mrs. Mouse

RS Recipes

By popular demand, I am including a recipe tab here at RS. Please share your favorites!


- Post clear ingredient lists and procedures. Try and minimize confusion or having people ask questions.
- Post a picture of the finished product if you have one.
- If your recipe is one on a food website, do not just post a link. Try to give a summary and photo as well.
- Recipes for your favorite coctails are encouraged.
- Please do not post things like: "Open can of beans and dump on toasted bread." Serious recipes only, thanks.

Ultimately, I prefer for you to actually post the recipe yourself as links change or are deleted on websites all the time.

Prayer Circle

This page is open to those who wish to gather in prayer or for anyone asking for prayers for themselves or others.