Weekend Open Thread

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All Pets Day Open Thread

Happy All Pets Day everyone!

It's that day when pet owners get an opportunity to have their dog, cat, horse...etc featured as the OT pic of the day and also get added to the RightStrategy Pets Of Fame gallery above. Create a NEW post with a pic of your current or former pet and the one with the most upvotes by 5pm ET is the winner. Former winning pets in the gallery are not eligible. To find today’s entries, use the sort by best option. Everyone be sure and vote.

Beetle Swap

"Psst...How much you want for that ball of dung?"

Welcome to Beetle Swap!

Post items wanted, for sale or trade.

All posts here are strictly private dealings between members of RightStrategy. No offers to buy, sell or trade are endorsed, backed or guaranteed by the owner of RightStrategy.com. RightStrategy.com reserves the right to delete any post it deems inappropriate for any reason. Users are requested to follow all State Laws with regards to buying, selling and shipping. Know who you are dealing with at all times. Buyers beware.

Keep chatter to a minimum and confine all comments to questions and answers. This is not an open forum.

Users are requested to complete any deals via their proton mail account. Do not post addresses or other identifying information on the main page. Upon completion, please post that the deal has been completed. For example:

User 1: FREE to a good home, one copy of "The Homesteaders Guide to Growing Herbs"
User 2: I'll take it, I'll send you an email
User 1: Item gone. Please close.

Rightstrategy will remove all completed posts.

Have fun, be respectful and enjoy!