Wednesday Open Thread

Update from 1mom this morning:

1mom1listlessvessel • 3 hours ago
Good morning. Woke up with pain of course and hubby’s out like a light so I took my phone to maybe get back to sleep. Not going to lie. It’s been really rough. Unexpected things leave you with unexpected consequences I guess I lost some blood during surgery. I really am thankful I’m alive. Don’t really know what happened but I am pretty much getting a royal treatment. lol. Well I’ll let hubby get with jbuzz on updates. Love you all

Beetle Remembrance Day
Open Thread

It was one year ago today that we lost RA, Tom Bellohusen

We said goodbye to DavidK, David Kyle Lewis, on January 27, 2022

Others we remember are Omaha Conservative and Katy. I'm sadly forgetting some names so forgive me. Please post our other brothers and sisters on our day of remembrance.

Turn The Paige
On Topic

A short story by CurleyGumbo.
Executive editor - HomeyIsWeary"

RS Recipes

By popular demand, I am including a recipe tab here at RS. Please share your favorites!


- Post clear ingredient lists and procedures. Try and minimize confusion or having people ask questions.
- Post a picture of the finished product if you have one.
- If your recipe is one on a food website, do not just post a link. Try to give a summary and photo as well.
- Recipes for your favorite coctails are encouraged.
- Please do not post things like: "Open can of beans and dump on toasted bread." Serious recipes only, thanks.

Ultimately, I prefer for you to actually post the recipe yourself as links change or are deleted on websites all the time.

Prayer Circle

This page is open to those who wish to gather in prayer or for anyone asking for prayers for themselves or others.